Finishing Materials
Wax-cream for hand application base 3663 is aclassic shoe cream.

Wax-spraing-cream base 4270 standart colourless and black, can be adjusted in many different colour tones. This Cream has to be polished after drying and is then leaving a nice shine and a soft grip. Leather-Balm 3626 for care treatment and to freshen up smooth leather, silk shine. Polish base 1198 water-based, is mainly used for closed glazed leathers (Chevreaux), self-shine, nice grip. Combi-finish Base 3605 (solvent based) available in different shine levels.Standard 3605/2 c (silk shine) and 3605/57 (high gloss), Standard colourless and blackNubuk and Velours Spray BAse 3590 to freshen up and equalize the leatherVelour-Renovator 1190 colourless, water-based, fort o freshen up the colour of a leather.Impregnation 3620 (solvent based) and 1199/4 (water based)

High Quality Imregnation (solvent-based) Base 3387 (Trekking and Outdoor Shoes) Fat finish 3523(solvent based) and 3630 (water based) for leather with a high Grease content, gives a nice, greasey,slushy grip.Leather-Fat 9091 (For hand application)Silicone-spraying-paste 1182/7: oil based, for use on leathers that are difficult to finish Leather Edge Paint (2148), (SIP 7015) and (2199), all water-based to paint the leather edges of not completely dyed leathers. The quality SIP 7015 is mainly used in the belt industry. All Leather Edge Paints are available in differenet colours tones. Leather Bottom and edge-paint (5117) water-based, also available in different colour tones.

Different Grinding Waxes (Base 9199) and Polishing Waxes (Base 9190) Standard colourless, also available in black and Brown colour tones.