Polyurethan Adhesives

-KECK-PUR 704          (1 or 2 Components) : Universal adhesive, high quality, suitable to cement nearly all shoe materials (after corresponding pre-treatment), as for example leather, rubber, polyurethane, PVC, TR, TPU. High heat resistance, high initial strength, activation temperature appro ximately 60°C.

Polychloroprene Adhesives

-KECK-PREN 809        (1 Component)

: Assemlage and lasting adhesive with a tack time of approximately 60 minutes.
Latex And Water Based Adhesices
-KECK-DIS 779 : Polyurethane-dispersion, for gluing of leather, PUR, PVC,Thunit, TR, rubber (after corresponding pre-treatment) Can also be used in the 2-component version with Hardener 859. Similar to the adhesion of KECK-PUR 704. KECK-DIS 779 is also available as sprayable version named KECK-DIS 779 SP.